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XBOX Controller
XBOX Controller
Product name : XBOX Controller
Item : JT-0306101
Price :
Details of XBOX Controller :

The function of each button may vary depending on the games used. Check the specific game manual for more information.

X-B Controller S features:
• 2 analog thumbtacks
• 6 analog action buttons with pressure-sensitive controls
• 1 eight-way directional pad
• 2 analog triggers
• 2 vibration feedback motors
• 2 menu navigation buttons
• 2 expansion slots for peripherals(peripherals sold separately)
• 9.8 feet(3 meters) of cable with inline release
   Exclusively for use with the X-B video game system.
   IMPORTANT! Before using this product read all accompanying information and the X-B
   Instruction Manual for safety, health, and other information.

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